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Static route or policy route

Hi All I knw policy route having preference over Static and all other route But do anyone knw a command to make sure that traffic is going only via policy route not via static route. I am asking this question in case someone has misconfigured policy route.

Hi ss198939,

you can check the hit counts by using the below commands 

#diag firewall proute list

you have to run the debug flow to check the exact policy route which matches the traffic


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Fortigate checks first PBR table, in order,  then regular FIB (static/dynamic) table. You could, for example, prevent going to the regular FIB by creating 2 PBR rules - 1st via the actual interface you want it to be routed to, 2nd, after this, PBR rule with the same match but routing traffic to a Loopback interface, which is always on, and this way black holing such traffic when regular interface is down.  Not something I did, but thinking out loud.


EDIT: only after the publishing noticed the post is from 2018, but will leave it for future readers anyway.

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Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
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I think policy route is not good practice. Avoid using it unless it is "really really really" necessary. Use instead static routes, routing protocols, SD-WAN rules.

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