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Static route not being added to routing table

Hello, A FortiGate 50B running FortiOS 3.00, MR4 Patch 5 has a PPPoE connection on the internal interface which is used for backup purposes via a IPSec tunnel to the central location. There is a static route in place for the network on the central location where the IPSec tunnel connects. The interface uses ADSL with a fixed unnumbered IP provided by the ISP and it is a backup VPN service over ADSL. All other routing is done by OSPF. All this works fine, however, the 50B was planned for a software upgrade (target was 4.00 MR2 Patch 9). As soon as the unit is upgraded to 3.00 MR5 Patch 1, the static route is not being added to the routing table anymore, and the backup tunnel can' t connect. Can anyone help? Was there a change in MR5? Release notes do not mention anything regarding this. Thank you in advance. Edit: For better clarification: First picture shows 3.00 MR4 Patch 5. The route is there. Second picture shows 3.00 MR5 Patch 1. The route is not there and it is replaced with an OSPF route which is not correct. Gateway is the unnumbered IP of the PPPoE connection.
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I would assume the static would always override the OSPF learned route due to administration distance. So I don' t think it' s a duplicate.




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