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Small percentage having issues connecting

We have 10% of our users having issues with connecting to our VPN using FortiClient. These 10% the tunnel shows (green shield with lock) successful however it seems they sit in limbo. The issues they experience are trickling internet speeds, no internet or VPN just drops. When they do disconnect on their own they have to reboot the laptop for their machine to function with the internet again; it typically fails to connect  if they do not. Each user experience all three of these issues. When they experience one issue they disconnect try again and either the same issue occurs again or one of the other. These users as is most of the others are 90% using wi-fi. What is noticeable is the network status icon doesn't always flip over from the wireless to wired icon; it just depends on which issue they run into. In one case even though we are not using split the wireless status icon shows the internet on both connections.

a. vpn_tunnel - internet; wi-fi - no internet.

b. vpn_tunnel - no internet; wi-fi - internet.

c. vpn_tunnel - internet; wi-fi - internet


Some of the 10% users have been using VPN for some time and never had issues until recently. The other 10% are only using VPN due to WFH. Also, most of our users are laptop users, and the ones having the issues are using Dell 5401 and 5491


We are not using Split Tunnel

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