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Simple port forward (smtp) stop working after upgrade from 4.0 to 5.0.12 (FGT80C)



I have a little problem with upgrade proccess...


After upgrade firmware on FGT80C from 4.0 MR3 patch 18 (b. 689) to 5.0.12 (b. 318) one of the "simple" (as i was thinking) policy stop working. 

It's simple because it's only forward port 25 from exteral ip to local mail server.


Why after upgarde it's stop working?


I have saved config file before and after upgrade and tried to compare them but i dont see anything special (maybe i dont know where to take a look)...


Right now i have downgrade to 4.0, restore config and everithing works just fine (so it's no urgent...)


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Create a new one, change it in the policy and delete the old one.

Also check your Service (SMTP here)


maybe one or both of the objects got corrupted

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In the policy where you apply the VIP, do you specify "ALL" as service, or "SMTP"?

Background: in some v5.0 firmware the "ALL" service definition was flawed. Maybe you could check it (you can edit pre-configured definitions as well as custom ones).


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