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SSL Inspection question about the Option "Allow Invalid SSL Certificates"

Hello all, 


i'am using here FortiOS 6.2.4 with deepinspection in Flow and Proxy based mode. A few weeks ago the great event was where there were problems with wrong or broken SSL certificates. Since then I have had problems with websites again and again.


For example "". If i call the site i get an proxy error in flowbased mode. In proxybased  mode i get an error with an invalid ssl certificate. And there are a lot of site more. Normal sides, trusted sites. 


So if i check the box "Allow Invalid SSL Certificates" all websites work as usual. So what does it really mean? Becaues if i have a look at the certificate in the webbrowser, it look like ok. 


I've also read this:


Thanks and best regards :)

Fortigate 60E v7.x (GA)