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A question on configuring an explicit proxy with more than one listening port

I have a need to configure an explicit proxy that is listening on both port 80 and 8080 on a single interface. I see that I can specify a range in both the GUI and CLI. But I want to confirm if there is any method to configure two separate ports in this way? Thank you.

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Looks like you only can assign ip ranges, no separate ports.



FW1 (explicit) # set http-incoming-port ?
Syntax:    <port_low>[-<port_high>]
port_low:     Lower value of the port
port_high:    Higher value of the port
Note:         <port_high> can be omitted
              if <port_low> equals to <port_high>



You could bind your explicit proxy to a loopback interface and than configure port forwarding with a VIP from your network to this loopback interface.

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That's exactly how we do it via loopbacks . And then you set controls per each ipv4 address. I wrote about this here a few years back


make sure you heed the warning about rules id and authentication


Ken Felix