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SSL Deep Inspection, CA=False Issue


We need to apply deep inspection to protect our servers, we imported our server's certificate, the certificate is verified but in the SSL/SSH Inspection Profile we have didn't found the certificate in the CA Certificate drop down menu. And we find that the certificate CA: False.
we need to know the specification of certificate that is needed exactly. 


Thanks in advance!


Hi Team,


When you are signing certificate with third party vendor you need to mention to sign that certificate as CA, so CA should be true

To import the certificate (system > certificate > Import> local certificate > ( then select certificate if you have separate public and private key), or select PKCS12 if you have .pfx bundle

Now try to import certificate again

Please check and keep us posted.

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Dear Seshuganesh,


When I  went through many links, I have found there is Technical Tip for configuring inbound deep inspection.

We didn't have applied it yet, since our servers uses wild certificate so our question is that can fortigate uses a wild certificate of ssl deep inspection?




Tips link: []


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