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dears, We need to perform upgrade path to our fortimail, I can not find the upgrde path, also what is the preferred firmware comming from v6.4.1(GA), build414? Thanks.
Dears.we have fortiweb 100E, it has an issue related to its database status and fortiweb dashboard always shows it is not available and we show issue db rebuild command at the same time the fortiweb itself works well, so we decided to do OS upgrade a...
We have two VPC in AWS [Security, and Production] VPCs. We have deployed fortigate in Security VPC. In the designing phase we consider the fortigate to work as a Nat instance for all our private subnet including the on in the Production VPC. From For...
Dears, We need to deploy Fortigate in AWS as BYOL, does we need to purchase VM licence or just all we need is UTP licence? In other word the licence file that are uploaded is step 14 in this [
Dears, I have question about deep inspection feature in fortiweb, I'm not sure if it's the right term in fortiweb but I mean decrypt incoming secure traffic, inspect it and encrypt again to send it for mail server as our case. my question is:Is the d...
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