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[SOLVED-BUG] FortiEMS/Forticlient - massive Webfilter issues for month (not yet solved by support)

Hi folks,

this is no criticism to Fortinetsupport, but I am very interested whether you guys @the forum are having the same issues with Forticlient EMS and the webfilter.


I have a open ticket running since June 2022 and did numerous tests, debuglogs, new installs, adapt the installation etc.



  • Forticlient EMS at Server 2019
  • Sitting in the DMZ
  • Reachable via FQDN from the internet
  • Reachable from internal LAN via FQDN
  • The Forticlient correctly triggers Online-onfabric / Online-off-fabric rules (e.g. I can see that the webfilter is enabled when going off-fabric
  • and here comes the problem:
    • No matter what I do, the webfilter itself is not working properly
    • If I go from onfabric to off-fabric, the webfilter is enabled, BUT
    • it is not filtering anything
    • Sometimes - if I stay off-fabric with the device (e.g with smartphone-hotspot) the webfilter does its job in blocking XXX  sites for example
    • As soon as I start switching networks (off-fabric / on-fabric / off-fabric) the webfilter stops blocking (but being still correctly activated). Sometimes it starts to work after about 10 minutes
    • I tried  it with browser add-ons and without them (Forticlient-addon)

So you absolutly cannot rely on this part of Forticlient, which makes it some kind of insecure!


Does no one of you have this troubles? I cannot believe that I am the only one with this situation. Does you Forticlient-Webfilter work (does it block sites when going from on- to off-fabric?)


Some feedback woud be great!

Thanks a lot!


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@menatwork Thanks for circling back and sharing the update. This is very helpful and should speed up our upgrade timeline.

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@bwill  sorry for checking back here that late... I have checked 5 mins ago, whether the webfilter of the forticlient is working for us, as soon as the device goes online/offnet.


It is doing its job. (Blocking XXX sites for example)


Forticlient 7.2.4 FortiEMS 7.2.4


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