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FAZ 7.4.2 "Invalid value for the selected MITRE domain"



I have cloned and edited a basic event handler "Default-Recon-Activity-By-Endpoint" however it appears that I can no longer edit the event handler. Everything looks OK and I have filled all the required information. However, if I make changes and attempt to commit these I see the message "Invalid value for the selected MITRE domain" next to MITRE Tech ID.


If I toggle MITRE Domain from 'Enterprise' to 'N/A' this makes no difference and I am still unable to 'OK' any changes.


I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could advise if I am doing something incorrectly or if this behavior is expected or not?


Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the response. I appreciate that there will be differences in how MITRE is implemented. What I dont understand is how I am supposed to either understand how to choose the correct MITRE Tech ID(s) or alternatively why the FAZ apparently will not allow me to create the handler with no MITRE Tech ID even when I toggle MITRE Domain from 'Enterprise' to 'N/A' ( I interpret N/A as basically switching off the MITRE implementation)

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This appears to be some sort of intermittent issue on the FAZ which can often be cleared by refreshing the browser. Judging by the lack of comments here I'm assuming that this is specific to my own FAZ and not something that is being experienced by other users. I have raised a TAC case. The initial output from 'exec tac report' does not show anything obviously wrong


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