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SD-WAN or Zone Configuration?

Hello all,

The following scenario:
I have two buildings on one property. Each building has its own FortiGate firewall and local network. The FortiGates of the two buildings are connected via lightwave.
For resilience reasons, a wireless bridge has now been installed between the two buildings, which I would now like to connect to the FortiGate as well.

Is it correct here to work with a ZONE that includes the two interfaces for lightwave + radio bridge or should I go for SD-WAN?
I would like to use mainly the lightwave and only switch to the radio bridge in the event of a lightwave failure.

How do I get the configuration most cleverly stored, since I currently have no possibility to assign the interface of the lightwave to a zone/SD-WAN, since it is used in policies.
How do you deal with this?



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SD-WAN essentially is a zone plus monitoring plus policy routing. To correctly steer the traffic from one WAN to the other, you will need all of this - SD-WAN is the way to go. You can set thresholds for failover, set the preferred line etc.


If the second WAN is already in use, you can prepare the SD-WAN setup in the GUI (even without any interface), backup the config and change what needs to be changed. Then restore the modified config.



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As Toshi wrote sdwan is for wan purposes. If the "bridge" between the buildings is only used for lan purposes but not internet you could do port trunking or prio or policy based routing to achieve what you want.


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