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Hello,is it possible under FortiMail to use the functions of URL Removal for one URL profile and apply Click Protection for another URL profile? I just can't get it configured because I can only ever specify one of the two in the Content Profile.Exam...
Hello,I would like to limit the bandwidth to the internet for the guest network (via wifi) provided by FortiAPs.What is the most clever way to solve this?
Hello, we have a 1Gbit EthernetConnect from our provider between two locations. Site A has a FortiGate 100E and Site B has a FortiGate 300E.Unfortunately, we have the problem that we have very poor bandwidth performance on the line. Via iperf3 I meas...
Hello,I have two sites connected to two FortiGates via a 1Gbit line (symmetrical) from the provider.Unfortunately, there is a performance problem when accessing Windows shares and I wanted to ask if you can tell me from experience the optimal MTU and...