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Routing module FOS 5.2 draft

Hi, This is a recording of the first draft of the routing module for FOS 5.2: You are more than welcome to watch it and share your comments and feedback in the forum. Regards, Edy
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Nice..! It would be great if we can create a pros & cons table also along with the description if there are many features does the same thing. for example. Strict RPF Vs Loose RPF or ECMP Vs WAN link Load balancing.
Nihas [\b]
Nihas [\b]

Hi Edy, very good module. It should be very helpful to clearly understand how routing works in the Fortigate, mainly the ECMP and RPF check. Benoit
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Good job


My comments & suggestions



parts of the route table, you  should also add the "type of route"  is shown in the table  ( dynamic OSPF, static, bgp, etc.....) All of this is included in the route table. Also it's incorrect to say imho


Each route in the routing table includes the following element


Not all route includes every element, the type of route will determine if that element is included.



a connected route probably will never have a metric or priority




the quality of the route or routing could be mis-leading to a greenie or newbie.  The proper description of distance  should the "reliability" of the routing information or that's how cisco words it. The quality would make one thing one is better than the other and that might not reality be the case



You gave examples on RIP and OSPF but also ISIS and  BGP have metrics



Overall a very good training block & nicely done , & more discussions should take place on routing within regards to multicast.





PCNSE NSE StrongSwan

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