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FA 5.0.7/5.0.9 on 2000B: Log View download not working for me?

In Log View, under root->traffic, for example, I am unable to get download to work.   Basically, I filter to find the traffic I am interested in downloading (that part works great, albeit quire slow if I don't limit the search).  Then i click Tools->Download at the upper right.  The download dialog displays  ans asks prompts for format, gzip or not, and current page or all.  Regardless if what combination I choose, when I click OK, the download dialog dismisses and nothing happens.   At first I thought perhaps it running n the background and just taking a long time because of the size of my query, but even if I set limit to 1000 in the view and then, in the download dialog, select only current page, still no download. 


What am I doing wrong?    Should the dialog be dismissing immediately?    Or should it display while the download is being prepared (which is the case if I download a log file from the Log Browse view).


And I tried in IE, Chrome, and Firefox.  Same result.


Rich Mayer 

LGS Innovations

Rich Mayer LGS Innovations
Rich Mayer LGS Innovations

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