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Remove H.323 port 1720

Hi Guys,

My first post here, i´m brazilia and i´m beginner on fortigate. :(


I need to configure a role on my fortigate 60c with v4 mr2 for a conection with a polycom, but not works because the port 1720 is already open.

I removed the sip helper doing this, but not success.. :(


config system session-helper edit 1 set name pptp set port 1723 set protocol 6 next edit 2 set name h323 set port 1720 set protocol 6 next edit 3 set name ras set port 1719 set protocol 17 next *** snip *** edit 12 set name sip set port 5060 set protocol 17 next edit 13 set name dns-udp set port 53 set protocol 17 next end To disable the SIP and H.323 session helpers use the following syntax: config system session-helper delete 12 delete 3 delete 2 end


config system settings set sip-helper disable end and config system settings set sip-nat-trace disable end

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hi Dimiro!

First of all, give me more details of your topology to fully understand what is not working.

is something like the picture like i attached??





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Same here, do yo have a topology to include the H.323 endpoints that you have? SIP has nothing to do with  H.323 and yuo might want to find the operating ports  with your voice/media path.


What I've done in the past is to create a custom range and apply policy for and just between the h.323 endpoints. Set QoS priority  and you should be golden.








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