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Regarding access between two sites

Web Server Access.png


Hi Guys,

I need help regarding access to the Web Server.

Firstly, please refer to the image I have attached.

Our company has 2 different sites. Site A has a Web Server with two different Websites hosted (let's say and and our employees from site B connect to this web server.

What we want is if User1 from SiteB connects to our Web Server then he should get and if User2 connects he should get

Is this possible only with Firewalls? If yes, Please guide how can I achieve this.


Hello Satyam,


From the given information we understand that you have hosted 2 Websites behind Site A firewall (on, and wish you to access the same web servers from Site B users


We hope that you were able to access the and from network (within the local lan behind Site A firewall). If you are able to access then on Site B if you are able to resolve and to then you can access these WebServers behind Site B network.


Let us know if this helps or not.




EMEA Technical Support

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