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Description This article describes how to view wad user list and how to de-authenticate a specific user. Scope Solution 1) Create a User Monitor widget under Dashboard. 2) Once it is added we can see the authenticated users as below. 3) De-authentica...
DescriptionFortiGate units are configured in HA cluster A-P or A-A cluster, to gain access of slave from master unit CLI console. On previous versions of FortiGate using '# exe ha manage ' , users were able to login to slave unit, however, from 6.2.1...
DescriptionSSLVPN users can bind the IP on Radius server using Framed IP option.In this case, Radius server is configured on FortiAuthenticator and on FortiGate, SSLVPN in tunnel mode will be configured.SolutionRadius Server Configuration on FortiAut...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure LDAP server and authentication scheme.LDAP User authentication in Explicit-Proxy mode.- Configure the LDAP server.- Configure Authentication Scheme/rules and proxy auth settings.- Configure firewall ...
DescriptionThis article describes how to define MTU size larger than 1500 on VLAN interfaces.SolutionVLAN interface MTU size directly depending on the MTU size of the parent/associated interface.For example: On 'WAN2', physical interface create a a '...