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Randomly getting logged out

60e - 6.0.4


This is driving me insane. I'm continuously being logged out of the gui. Sometimes its so quick I can't even select "Login Read-Write" and sometimes its the first menu I click on. Other times its after 5 minutes of continuous activity. Doesn't matter if I use a local account or a remote account. Same randomness. Its logging me out "successfully" each time. 


Login timeout is set to 60 seconds (need time for duo). Inactivity is set to 10 minutes. I'll happily provided any logs/config if someone could point me in the right direction.




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What happen if you use  ssh?  I would look at a pcap and see if any tcp-rst are happening and monitor the pid to ensure the web http service is not restarting.


get system performance top

diag sys kill 9 <pid for http>


Just my two cts observation


Ken Felix




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Do you have a proxy between you and the web console - I got this when I has a proxy set

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I would check if the same problem happens when you SSH into it. Then check any bugs related to the symptom in the release notes for 6.0.4 - 6.0.9, and upgrade it to a fixed version. Generally safe to go to the latest within the major version (6.0) unless you hit the sweep spot for one of known issues.


The issue (my idiocy) has been solved for now.


Policy 0 had been disabled which seems to have been causing the logouts.

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Configurable policy ID starts from 1, not 0, though.


Sorry, it looked like it was being blocked by policy 0 because the default allow all wasn't enable.

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May be an SD-WAN Issue. Have to set one primary ISP manually and have secondary as backup. Not load-balanced. Doesnt work right with this firewall.

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