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I have a pair of 200e that I'd like to get into an HA pair. My issue is that I will not be able to cable the passive one the same as the primary for a few months because reasons. I want to link them via the HA port so that the primary unit automatica...
Currently running ADVPN to connect our branches to our core. I've added ADVPN-BACKUP for branches which uses the 2nd ISP in our core. It connects fine and can access resources in the core. What it can't do is communicate with other sites that are on ...
I'm setting up Duo MFA for admin logins. It does the LDAP query, sends me the push buuuut then just proceeds with the login. Doesn't matter if I ignore the prompt or hit accept/decline it just sent me right in. Would this be a Duo or Forti issue? Dev...
So I have one FortiGate that I get cannot get synchronized after a firmware update. It was consistently in 'Conflict' status. Had it happed with a couple other and retrieving the config would resolve it... but not with this one. It would fail. I dele...
Trying to restore a configuration from file to a pair of 60e but keep receiving the message below. I downloaded the config directly from a production device so I *know* its good. Have tried on 2 different 60e. 2 usb drives. Factory reset both firewal...
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