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Currently running an ADVPN (BGP) with a couple dozen spokes. All the spokes are a single WAN connection. Now one of the sites wants to add a redundant WAN connection. There are two hubs at the 'hub' so if ISP 1 at the hub goes down, the spokes failov...
Is it possible to authenticate the device along with the user when connecting to an SSL VPN using the free Forticlient VPN only app? Currently using Azure saml w/ MFA. We'd like to prevent users from trying to sign in with their personal devices. Tha...
I have a cert for an SSL VPN in one VDOM and would like to copy it to another VDOM for a different SSL VPN. I need to keep both VPNs running for about a month. Is there a way to do this or do I just have to purchase a new cert? Thanks!
This may be more of an Azure question, but... I want to use Azure saml for admin logins. I've set it up on a single device and it works great. Now I have 15-20 other Fortis I want to use it on but I really don't want to create an Azure app for each o...
I have a fortigate vm running in azure which is currently pay-as-you go. I've now purchased a license and want to apply it but apparently this can only be done when the VM is created? What would be the best route to do this? Config backup, delete VM,...
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