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Question for Fortigate 30D and FortiAP 210B

Hi !, I'm a french student and I have a Fortigate 30D in 6.0.4 (without license),


I have a question, If I buy a FortiAP 220B with FortiOS 5.2 he is compatible with my fortigate 30D which is in 6.0.4 release ?


Thanks ;)  


V6.0.4 release notes say for the support of FortiAP firmware as below:

  • 5.4.2 and later
  • 5.6.0 and later[/ul]

    FAP's 5.2 is very ancient about when FortiOS was 5.2.x or early 5.4.x. If you already have it, you might want to try but if you're considering getting it from a 2nd hand market, I would skip it.

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    I know it's a tricky business. I've been there too. The key is to keep all device family and software at about the same generation to be cost effective at the same time they work each others without encountering "generation gaps". 

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    If I buy this AP, it's for use at Home it's not for business, I juste need to create multiple SSID with different vLAN, the AP support 802.11n, it's ok for me... for 75€ ... 


    I would not better take a FortiAP FAP-21D-A even if it is 100 Mbits ports?




    Why not?


    I hesitated for 100 mbps, I wanted some advice, I think I will take this one.


    For attached the AP to a Fortigate 30D 6.0.4, I don't need a license ? 


    Thanks for all ! 



    No, you don't need. Likely the brand new FAP-21D comes with 1yr (or less, depending on when it went into the seller's inventory) support as well. You need to register it at their support web site and you can open a ticket with TAC in case any problems (regardless if you have support on the 30D or not. They're generous about that).

    Just be aware the FAP with "-A" is for North America or Americas. It would most unlikely meet wireless regulations in France.


    Bonne chance!


    Ok, thanks, I don't need a support, it's for use at my home. For downloading firmware I use the account of my company. 

    Ah ok, it's the country code, it's the same for Cisco AP (WLC)...

    The Fortigate 30D how long has he been out 

    and Fortigate 30E ? 




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