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Pre-Owned FortiGate 60E

I bought a pre-owned FortiGate which has already been registered to an account. I have reached out to the former owner to request for the device to be moved to my account but he didn't reply to any of my mail.


Please can anyone enlighten me on the effects of using a pre-owned device that is not registered to my account?


Is it advisable for me to buy a license and continue using the device anyway?


Please I will appreciate your contribution.


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Try opening a customer service ticket with Fortinet and asking them to register the device to you.  I think they reach out to the former owner but will eventually transfer the device if they get no reply.




I don't know their current policy but when I tried a couple of years ago, they didn't have a revocation policy when a previous registered user refused to release the registration. I ended up buying a brand-new device to add an UTM contract.




Can I buy an UTM contract for a Fortinet not registered in my account?




You will not be able to register and use a contract for any device that is not registered to your support account.





But can I purchase a license on it, pending its transfer to my account?




I recently opened a case to move some equipment from an integrator to our account. Without their written consent (they also have to carry out some action on the account where they are registered), the teams will not be transferred to your account. 


So I can't purchase a Fortigaurd License for this device?


No, you can't. Once you buy a license, the Fortigate connects to the Fortiguard and verifies that license. Not sure how it is done - by the device serial number or by an email with which it is registered to the Fortinet site, but the end result is the same - if this Fortigate does NOT appear under your account in Fortinet site, you cannot apply license to it. 

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Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.

At the time my attempt failed, I didn't understand why FTNT doesn't have a revocation policy like Cisco's. It's so prohibitive and denying second hand markets, where many first users and students get experience from.


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