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Per device Log limits on FAZ Cloud

According to the admin guide for FAZ Cloud, the default log size per day is listed as follows: Desktop: 200Mb per day, 1RU: 1Gb per day, 2RU: 5Gb per day. I'm having a difficult time interpreting the details of my usage in the system/settings/storage info tab....doesn't seem should ''quota" be interpreted ? Is that MB, GB, total of all devices, per device ?
Also, is there a sizing tool that can be used to determine if Cloud is the right solution for the customer so they dont overpay ?

If you are talking about the capacity of the FAZ cloud, you can refer the following formula:



HDD - Approximate required total disk/quota size [GB]

LR - Average log rate [GB/day] - Take the average of the weekly log rate statistic under System Settings -> Dashboard -> "License Information" widget -> GB/Day -> Details

RA - Retention period for archive/raw logs [days]

RR - Retention period for reporting/analysis [days]

"5" - When the raw logs are archived, their file size is reduced approx 5-8 times. 5 is a bit conservative and can be replaced with up to 8 for less strict retention policies

"3" - Multiplier - when the raw logs are inserted, the SQL DB files are approximately 3 times bigger than the original log size

"1.2" - 20% extra, as the disk space, can't be completely utilized. There is some space reserved for cache, temporary tables, etc..

You can also add the below chart to the FortiGate to get information on logs sent daily:



Thanks Vishal - good info on the sizing tool and the logging widget on the gate.

But is there a way to monitor the log usage of each gate on the Cloud FAZ dashboard ? Would be nice to have a widget to monitor so that we can easily determine if an upgrade pack is required. Tom



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This is entirely dependent on the device you have, what you're logging (All sessions vs UTM only - I recommend all, because inevitably someone is going to ask for what XYZ123 is doing), and the amount of traffic transiting the FortiGate. This is very much a "it depends" answer.

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