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According to the admin guide for FAZ Cloud, the default log size per day is listed as follows: Desktop: 200Mb per day, 1RU: 1Gb per day, 2RU: 5Gb per day. I'm having a difficult time interpreting the details of my usage in the system/settings/storage...
I exported a on-prem FMG database (v7.2.3-build1405 230606 (GA) via the backup option. No ADOMs. I then did a restore on my FortiCloud FMG (v7.2.3-build6767 230615 (GA)) and uploaded the file. I made sure to check the 'migrate from different platform...
I'm trying to setup a POC to demo ZTP.....Using the Fortigate Cloud service, I was able to provision a Fortigate to it's proper On-Prem FMG. However I was unable to get the gate provisioned to the proper CLOUD FMG. (Even though it says it's supported...
Hello, In general, are Forticlient and EMS server versions linked to the SKU under which they were purchased ? For instance, does the deprecated SKU FC1-15-EMS01-158-02-00 only support 6.X version ? Or 7.X as well ? #client_fct_and_ems #FortiClient T...
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