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PPTP Connection. Clients not recognizing the internal net

Hi all, I am a new user. I have a FORTI100 ver 2.8 I try to configure a PPTP. Range on firewall - Internal Network The connection works fine, but the clients cannot ping the internal network The clients receive the correct Ip address, etc. but not recognizing the network. Where I am wrong. Thank you in advance
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I' m sorry I have forgotten two things. 1. when I connect an warning is created in Event Log on Firewall: " CTRL: Ignored a SET LINK INFO packet with real ACCMs!" 2. When I disconnect an error is created in Event Log : CTRL: Error with select(), quitting Thank you Nick64
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The fortigate, unlike most other PPTP devices, is not providing an automatic route from the pptp address range to the internal network. You can fix this in 2 ways: 1. provide a manual route at the pptp client (pain in the butt) 2. make the pptp range on the Fortigate a subset of the internal network subnet. In your case carve out a small section of the subnet for the pptp range and things should work fine. Mitch
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Thank you a lot for the answer, but the clients have an Ip within the range of internal LAN ( for example). I think the problem is the mask of this address. In effect the mask is always On firewall I have configurated an address like this, but the mask not changes Nick64

The PPTP client will always pick up a subnet. This is nearly always the case for PPP and hence PPTP connections. It is a point to point connection in the same way as a dial up internet connection is. Doesn' t really help but just thought I' d try to explain the subnet mask issue.
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I have learned a lesson. Before writing it' s better to read I have found the solution below in this forum. EXT->INT My-PPTP Network -> My LAN Network Always My services Accept No Nat My profile Great! Thank you again Nick64
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