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Does anyone know if it is possible to forward packets between VLANs locally on a FortiSwitch when in FortiLink mode or does traffic passing between subnets always have to be punted up to the FortiGate and back again? Seems like it would be a pretty m...
Hi, AFAIK, you can only set the MAC address of a physical interface to something custom but not that of a VLAN interface. There is a setting called 'set subst enable' and 'set substitute-dst-mac XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX' on the 'conf sys int' branch for a V...
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has a recent version of the FGT90D (with serial console port on the front) that can verify whether or not it supports the creation of a redundant or aggregate pair of ports? The only documentation I can find suggests ...
This surely must be a simple update to existing code. Where specifying a load balancing VIP, you should be able to use a weight of zero so that a server will only ever be used if the health check of a primary (or all others) fails.
Mainly for use with multiple ISP scenarios, I' d like to see the ability for a Fortigate to rewrite content on the fly. My priorities would be simple such as DNS rewrites and SMTP helo greeting rewrites. Simple inbound failover of services hosted beh...
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