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PPOE FOrtinet 300D - Solution

Good afternoon.

I have a Forti 300D that has been updated to support SDWAN.
El Forti is connected to one Nexus through LACP.

There are two internet service providers that are present in the Nexus but are not set up in bridge mode.
This is why the LACP envisions a forti interface.

Here is the issue that cannot be solved:

My client has two more internet providers configured in bridge mode against a Cisco router (ISR) in another electrical system.
I want to connect them to the Forti 300 D, but I am unable to configure them in a way that would allow those two providers to be added because I lack interfaces.wan in forti 300D for set up how ppoe.

My customer wants a total for the four suppliers.

Any suggestions as to how I might go about doing it?



I am not sure I understand your question. For PPPoE you can follow this kb:


If you have switch between FortiGate and ISPs and your problem is that you don't have enough free interfaces on FortIGate, you can use VLANs. You will need to configure switch for each vlan but vlans can be way how to allow you have more connections.


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