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Outside source of SIP Session not allowing calls - Once Inside source of Session, all works

Hi all,

I'm sure my issue is very small.  Maybe I am just missing one parameter from the Voice Profile ?  The SIP Session is created perfectly, and if the source of the Session is Inside on our LAN, we can make calls in and out no problem.
But if I clear the Session and the SIP Session gets created with a source of the WAN Outside, you cannot place a call from either the LAN or WAN ends, but the whole time the Session stays up.
I originally started with an issue with One Way Audio, which I fixed by Enabling the "no-sdp-fixup" in the Voice Profile.  So the SIP-ALG is still pointed at Proxy-Based.
I'm clearly not a SIP guru, but would be very welcome for any advise from someone who is :)
It's an 80F running 7.4.1  Are there any known issues or conversely benefits to running this version ?

In looking at the sessions, I see two differences
Working session has "npu_state:0x100000" and also has "no_ofld_reason:redir-to-av offload-denied helper"
Bad blocking session has "npu_state:0x000000" and also only has "no_ofld_reason:redir-to-av"

Thanks in advance

Cormac Champion
Cormac Champion


Please refer this link to get an Idea of configuration

Thanks & Regards 
Mayank Sharma

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