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OS 5.4, Traffic Shaping Policy with a schedule ?

In fortiOS 5.4, how to link a schedule to a Traffic Shaping Policy ?




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try out: two policies with diffrent timesheddule roules and traffic shapes - that will work.

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I dont think its possible


In fortios 5.4 they have created different section for traffic shaping.


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try out: two policies with diffrent timesheddule roules and traffic shapes - that will work.


In fortios 5.4, traffic shaping is no more a part of normal policy. They have created different menu named Traffic shaping policy.


So, i guess, it wont be possible now with 5.4


This has to be done from the CLI now with the latest update.  Here is the response from TAC when I asked them the same question.  Hope it helps.


Please see below steps to apply scheduling to the Traffic shaping to limit video streaming.  --- Create the Firewall policy with the schedule which 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM which has Application Control enabled. (This policy should be on top)  --- Now create the traffic shaper, Let say you would like to limit the total bandwidth for all the users to 20mb then create shared bandwidth traffic shaper. If you want to assign traffic shaper to per-ip base then you also can chose that option.  Please refer below document for further information on how to create traffic shaper.  --- Now this step is important and you will have to do this using CLI since 5.4 does not have this option through GUI like 5.2  --- You will have to apply traffic shaper you have created to application control profile.  #Config application list  #edit Default (assuming you will apply default profile to the firewall policy)  #config entries  #edit 1 (it will be the entry you are allowing the video and audio setting in application control)  #set per-ip-shaper <choose the traffic shaper you have created to limit the bandwidth>  #end  #end  --- Make sure you are allowing the Video and audie traffic on application control.  I hope this answers your question on how to apply scheduling on traffic shaping.  If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us. I hope this resolves your concerns. 


As per the config, the traffic shaping is getting applied on a specific application or app category. 


What if we want to apply traffic shaping for the specific ip address or user, that too as per the schedule?





we can apply traffic shapers in Fortios 5.4 just like Fortios 5.2. The difference is just that, it has been moved to cli


config firewall policy 

edit 1

set shared-shaper



why would they remove a feature like this?  What sense does this make to make it harder to configure a shaper?  pretty much guarantees that I will not upgrade anyone to 5.4.x   


Sometimes companies make mistakes. Hopefully they will resolve this one lol. Moving it to CLI only makes the device more tiring to use for people that don't use a FortiGate non stop.

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