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No hits on Virtual IP when sending traffic

Hey ...


I have a virtual IP on FortiGate 81F.   Using port 1444.


When I send traffic to the WAN interface on port 1444 it doesn't register at all on the FortiGate.


I have other VIPs that are working fine.


I have a corresponding FW rule for the port that uses the VIP ... also no hits.


What have I missed?


Kindly refer to this document as a guide to configure VIP with port forwarding: 


Is your Fortigate running in Policy NAT mode or Central NAT mode?

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Hi @nsharpley 


As @jiahoong112 mentioned please verify the configuration of your Virtual IP first and if everything is fine there, you can run a diagnose sniffer command to see if the traffic matching the VIP is entering the firewall or not.

# diagnose sniffer packet any 'host <VirtualIP>' 4


If the traffic is not hitting the Firewall, then you need to examine the routing on your upstream devices. If the traffic is hitting the firewall, next step to perform a diag debug to see what happens with the flow.


Performing these steps will give you an idea with what is happening with the traffic. 


Best Regards,

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I am now getting hits on the VIP but the FW policy is still 0B.


Hi @nsharpley,


Please check your firewall policy and make sure source and destination are configured correctly. 



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Will perform some flow debug next ... appreciate the tips folks, thanks.


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Resolved now.


FW policy config error on my part, which I knew it would be, but the suggestions here were the guide.




Hi, how you have resolved? i have the same problem

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