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No HA settings in GUI 5.2.4

Hi everyone, I am trying to setup HA in some 40Cs. They are running 5.2.4 and have been factory reset since upgrading firmware, for some reason though the HA option is not visible in the GUI. The options are there in the CLI but it is really annoying not being able to use the GUI page as well.


Am I missing just missing a setting or something to enable the GUI options? They don't seem to even appear when the cluster is configured in the CLI.


Thanks all






please supply ALL the information to set us into the picture.

So, you set up a route? On which device? How does it look like? What about the routes on the leftmost router?


In order to access the internet, both devices have to "know" how to route back to the source host. So you need a route on the first and the second (FGT) router.

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
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HA is only available in the CLI on the 40C, see


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