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NSE 8 - Current status

While reading the NSE8 Exam description (, some questions popped up.


Apparently the tested topics and firmware versions can change any time without notice.

Is there already a NSE8 update planned this year? If the topics and firmware versions would change, would these changes have a different exam number? So that you can choose to take the old or new exam?


It seems that the written exam can already be scheduled at pearson vue. Is the practical exam already out of beta?

How would a remotely scheduled session look like?

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Not so easy to build a lab with FortiADC, FortiVoice, FortiSandbox... 


You can order 60Day Trial licences from Fortinet for that.


NSE8 is not easy at all but its possible with good preparation to pass the exam. 

NSE 8 

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Hello guys,


Maybe someone trying to keep NSE8 practical exam? very hard?


Yes. It really is.

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It was possible to use the FortiGate manuals, informacion and etc.? You have passed?


Maybe someone knows when it will be possible to keep remotely?

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Zilitonas have a look at the earlier posted FAQ, it contains email adresses, you probably have a better chance on an official answer there (please do report them back).


personally i don't see them ever offering this remotely. perhaps during an event or such, but not on site at partners or customers.

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I am personally disappointed in this exam. Questions are many, they are really hard and time is not very much. 

As well as a Examination summary report is poor, no percentage did not write how much is answered correctly. 

Nowhere did not write how much need to answer correctly answers (percentage) for the test to be pass and for that I still have to pay 400 €...


I do not completely agree with you regarding the written NSE8 Exam.

I mean, surely there are a lot of question (some of them are really hard) and the time is not so much but this is the highest Fortinet certification so it cannot be a simple click and go.


I haven't found a lot of difficulties in order to pass it.

I'm talking about the written exam. The practical one... completely a different story 


Agree with Alby,


the written one is a joke compared to practical exam :)


you have to prepare good and hard for both and for practical even more.


Build your own lab, read Admin Book to the Topics mentioned in NSE 8 Preparation Guide


this is the highest Fortinet Certification with a unique Number, you can compare it to Cisco´s CCIE so it cant be easy.

NSE 8 

NSE 1 - 7