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My script server is back online

My ESX virtual host took a dirt nap. Since it is simply a pet project of mine and not generating any cash, it's replacement has to be set on a back burner for a spell. I'm hoping to have it up in a week or two, but it is going to take quite a bit of ingenuity since I don't have another host I can simply swap parts into. Shame on me hoping it would last forever...

I will keep you all posted.



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The long and the short of it if anyone wishes to know:


We had a bad series of storms over the past week. During one, I lost power. Before I could get my generator fired up (Thank you hurricane Sandy!) my UPS units ran down and shut off. When I finally got the generator back up, I noticed that a power supply had blown on the main server. I had an old chassis that was my original server with a bad motherboard that I squirreled away. I swapped out that supply and was back online...for a while. When I checked out the error message (Thank you Dr. Google) most said it was a blown capacitor on a riser card inside the chassis. I swapped that out from my parts unit, crossed my fingers and fortunately it was back online. It has been up for about 8 hours now, so I feel I'm good...for a while. ;)

Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!
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Hurricanes in New York?

A rainy day blowing up your PSU?

An UPS which doesn't protect your server (from overvoltage)?

No soldering iron for a blown capacitor?


Strange, very strange...this should not have happened for a lot of reasons.

Glad your back online, though.

(fingers crossed that the sun won't shine too long one day, imagine what could happen...)


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