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Link to report false positive

Hola, espero que estés bien, alguien puede proporcionarme el enlace para reportar mi sitio web como falso positivo, ya está desinfectado, y quería que se eliminara de la lista negra.
El sitio web es:

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According to VirusTotal, " Fortinet" is falsely accusing to be a " malware site" . See for example this VirusTotal report: As you can see, Fortinet is the only one who thinks it is a malware site. As the author of the program and owner of the site I' m quite annoyed that Fortinet is tarnishing the reputation of my program. How do I go about getting this false positive removed? Fortinet' s website is an impenetrable morass of links, none of which seem to be about reporting a false positive.


Hey Yober1,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having with the webfilter rating of your homepage.

You can view webfilter ratings here:
-> put in the URL and search
-> You can click on 'Request a Review' to fill out a form and request the rating be changed.

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Hello, good afternoon, I hope you can release our domain, false positives are harming our company, thank you.

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