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This is possible for the FortiGuard web filter to categorize a web site in the wrong category.
If the option 'Rate URL by
IP and domain' option is enabled in Security Profiles -> Web filter , the following details can occur:

Category :  General Interest- Business
Sub-Category : Information Technology

The Web-filtering log will contain the URL and the IP address that the users have visited.
In some cases, a website is blocked in FortiGate as it is categorized under incorrect category.

This article describes how to change the category for a blocked web site.

To check and verify the category of website, visit the Fortiguard website
From the menu 
Go to Services -> Web Filtering .

Mention the web site to check.
In this example, shows the correct category.

The details are shown as below :

As the website falls under incorrect category and is blocked in the network, send the request to the
FortiGuard team by selecting ‘Request a Review’ as shown above.
The review page will be shown as follows:

Suggest a category, if possible. 
Fill all the details with the applicable information and screenshot.
Once the FortiGuard team verify the website content, the website category will be changed.

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