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Limit bandwidth for a VLAN

Dear All! How do I limit bandwidth for users in a particular VLAN? I would like to have each user in the same VLAN to use 250MB per day as a way of limiting bandwidth usage. I'm using a Fortigate 60D running v5.2.3,build670. Any help is greatly appreciated.



bandwidth can be limited in terms of how much speed(mbps/gbps) can be used by each user and not by how much mb/gb can be downloaded by each user.


To limit the speed, you can use traffic shaper objects(policy and objects>object>traffic shaper>create new ) and specify the type(per IP or shared) and then specify the maximum bandwidth and apply the same on the respective policy(VLAN>WAN).


here is few more information about the 2 types of shapers


1: Shared :-


shared gives you 2 options while adding the object


* Per Policy

* For All Policies Using This Shaper



Per policy:-


Needs to be applied on one policy and all the users connecting through that policy will share the mentioned amount of bandwidth.


For All Policies Using This Shaper:-


same object can be applied on multiple policies. and all the users connecting through all those policies together will take maximum that much of bandwidth .



2: Per IP:-




If you apply this on a policy , then each user connecting through that policy can take the mentioned bandwidth.

SO if you have mentioned 200 kbps , and applied in on LAN to WAN policy, lets say 20 users are currently connected through that policy, then each of them will take 200 Kbps max.