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Hi All,We have a Fortigate 60D and have been asked by our service provider to turn off the Application Sensor as it causes high CPU usage on the device resulting in policies not working well or internet being slow. May you let me know if this is the ...
Hi all, How do I remove a physical interface member in Fortigate 60D. running version v5.2.3,build670 (GA)I would like to use on Internal 1 which is linked to our LAN. can't find a way to remove internal 7. Thanks
Dear All! How do I limit bandwidth for users in a particular VLAN? I would like to have each user in the same VLAN to use 250MB per day as a way of limiting bandwidth usage. I'm using a Fortigate 60D running v5.2.3,build670. Any help is greatly appre...
Dear All, Please assist on how to limit access to the Apple AppStore on Fortigate 60D. I would like to allow staff to access the AppStore only after 1300hrs till 0600hrs then block access from 0700hrs till 1300hrs. Any help is greatly appreciated.