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Issue VPN SSL portal

HI all, i' ve a strange issue with the ssl vpn. on a cluster of forti200b i' ve setup the vpn ssl, on the first release of the FortiOS 5.0 when trying to access from a browser to https://ipfirewall:10443 i get prompted for the cert and then i got an error 400. Soon the new firmware was released the issue disappear. Now the firewall are all updated v5.0,build0147 (GA Patch 1) but the issue come back. i' ve read that maybe a restart could fix this issue but it' s not good in the middle of the day ; ( anyone has experienced the same issue ?? regrds Marco
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yes i' ve applied the patch and seem to work !!! a couple of day of testing before production thans all marco

Same issue seems to occur on Patch 2. HTTP Error 400. Can´t see the wad proces in sys top though. Anyone else having the same issue?


Robin Svanberg Network Consultant @ Ethersec AB in Östersund, Sweden


use diag sys top 99 99 - Ill show 99 processes. This was required for awhile V4MR3 patch 7-11 because you could not sort the output of diag sys top by process or cpu utilization. Finally fixed in patch 12.
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yes I' m still facing this issue running v5.0,build0179 (GA Patch 2)
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HI all, after a couple of week of investigation of other issues (UTM and AV...blocking http upload) i come back to the ssl vpn and i see the http error 400 once again. i hope this issue will be solved soon and definitely. marco
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Same problem here, also with v5.0,build0179. Anyone found a workaround besides rebooting? Daniel