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I was trying to use the api to create an ipv6 address and I get these errors on 7.0.1. [httpsd 12058 - 1639445206 error] cmdb_commit_from_json[1615] -- no master key (name) in new object [httpsd 12058 - 1639445206 error] _api_cmdb_v2_config[1272] -- ...
I'm looking through the vdom resource settings and there's an option to limit ssl-vpn. What does this actually do? Does it limit how many users are allowed concurrently or something else?
What is the address of the FortiCam MJPEG stream? The FortiCam MJPEG stream can be accessed directly at [link]http://:8008.[/link] What's the username and password?
I have enabled captive portal on the interface and must authenticate and match with a remote LDAP server with Domain User group. I created a new user1 with the same remote LDAP server and then create a firewall policy with said user1.User1 traffic wi...
I'm trying to allow reverse DNS looks up in my DNS filter so that it stops spamming my logs.I tried allowing: simple in-addr.arpa,regex .*\.in\-addr\.arpa,regex .*\.in-addr\.arpa,wildcard *.*.*.*.in-addr.arpa None of these seems to work.Anybody know ...
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