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Internet access on VPN SSL with tunnel mode


I am using SSL VPN connection with split tunneling desactivated. I also use a WAN LLB interface.

My pb is that i can access to the local network, but i cannot access to Internet. So, i need to create an firewull rule with ssl.root in incomming interface and my WAN LLB link in outgoing interface. But in the outgoing interface list, i cannot see my LLB link ? 

Can you please help me to understant why ?

Thank you.


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WAN LLB isn't a term anymore in newer FortiOS versions, which one are you using?


it is is a newer 5.6+ you are probably looking for the sdwan interface.


if not then adding a screenshot might help us understand and point out what you want.

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Thank you for your reply,

i know that LLB is not used anymore and was replaced by SDWan. And my problem is not with that feature (who works well). I just wanted to know why i cannot select WAN interface in my policy (ssl.root to WAN) to allow internet access from SSL connections to the office internet access.

Do you have an idea ?

(the firmware migration is planned)

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my idea is that because WAN is a part of the LLB / SD-WAN interface, making it impossible to select part of that interface.


a screenshot of your available interfaces would help a lot with pointing it out.

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Yes, the WAN interface is member of LLB link. But does it mean that i cannot set a policy to allow traffic from ssl.root interface to remote WAN ?

You can find below 2 screenshots of the available interfaces. If i select Internal, i can choose LLB for outgoing interface, but if i choose ssl.root, it disappears.




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ok, like that, to me that feels like a bug, or some older default behaviour for LLB.


this older questions says it is an issue in 5.4 which is solved in 5.6


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