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60CM WAN to LAN Throughput Slow?

My first Fortigate product that's 'new to me'.  It is running 5.2.13.  I have worked with consumer routers, smb routers from Cisco and Netgear, and Watchguard on the upper end.  This is my first foray into Fortigate.


What I want to do is set up the 60CM so that I can run a speed test from its lan.  I want to see if it can simply nat traffic at full speed.  (Later on I'll be setting up some ipsec tunnels to see how much throughput it can handle.)  The bandwidth available is 600/60.


I am using my current lan connection as wan1, which gives the 60CM a local IP.  I changed the IP range on the 60CM lan not to interfere with my lan.  I set up a default route from the 60CM lan to wan1.


Initially I was getting 'web page blocked' issues on all http/https requests.  I tried turning off all the various intrusion stuff that I saw on to off, but that didn't solve the problem.  Finally, I changed the DNS in the 60CM from the fortigate dns to and that seemed to solve the issue.


But when running my tests using and, both are topping out at ~70/60.  What have I missed that may still be on and causing this slowdown?  I checked the link on the wan1 port and it is indicating gigabit.


Any ideas or suggestions appreciated. :)  Thank you in advance!

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i would start with your firewall policy, can you share a screenshot so we can be sure you disabled all UTM functionality truly?


also be aware this is quite an old model (60F, 60E, 60D have replaced it) with only old unsupported firmware. that shouldn't be the reason for the slowness but means this shouldn't be used for anything more than learning to use it.