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Installing Firmware from Booting Using USB drive

Actually I have  Fortigate 50 E firewall and I formatted by mistake the firmware within booting and now I have no firmware for that reason is there any way the do copying new firmware [FWF_50E-v6-build1263-FORTINET] from USB drive because I tried below solutions:

* Connected Laptop directly to all firewall ports and it's not showing from laptop side it is plugged in.

* Connected to internet modem with set up local IP, TFTP server, subnet mask and gateway of internet router but It showing pinging to gateway is alive but to laptop not is alive while I'm scanning range of IP address and all IPs is showing expected the firewall.

* I connected firewall, Internet modem and laptop to same switch but only showing internet modem alive expected laptop while the laptop can see the internet modem and all of them in same vlan.



For that reason is there possibility to copy firmware using usb drive? 


Hi there:


Can you please try the following ? It explains on how to restore from USB.


Let me know if that works for you.


Thank you,



Actually I format the boot which delete firmware accidentally and now the only way to do configuration within booting using configuration menu. 


Hi NizarY,


I apologize, I don't think USB is an option on the configuration menu.


Can you please try TFTP one more time ? Below is a doc that explains step by step by procedure  on how to load the image using TFTP.


Thank you,


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Hi Guys,


I did it using another TFTP because the issue it was in different location and during that time TFTP64 it wasn't show me any action for that reason since I used another one I found it work.


Thanks Guys for your kind support.


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