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How to release licenses from forticlient ems



I was looking to see if anyone knows a way to clear up licenses from EMS using AD. 


We have windows 7 machines that we've been reimaging to Windows 10 or outright removing them from AD, but we've noticed that a good chunk of the old hostnames are still in EMS I assume taking up a license. Hopefully someone can help.




login to EMS server

Click Endpoints | All Endpoints

Select all the endpoints you want to remove by checking the box.

Then simply click Action | Exclude from Management (or Delete Device)


This returns any used license back to the pool



A quick heads up that in FortiClient EMS 7.0.2 you can automate this task, if desired, by configuring the number of days after the endpoint last contacted EMS to DeRegister the Endpoint and then configure the number of days after the endpoint was deregistered to Delete the Endpoint, freeing up the license.  For example, if a client doesn't connect for 30 days, it is deregistered, and then if it doesn't return for another 30 days the endpoint is deleted, freeing up the license 60 days after last contact.

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Olin, where is this done inside the mgt portal?