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How to Change the IP of FortiSIEM Supervisor

I find that I cant change the IP with executing the again after I had already installed this supervisor.

If I try to do it, maybe you can install successfully, but you will find your Database Online Data installed twice and you can see it at Admin > Setting > Database. It will make your ANALYTUCS feature abnormal although FortiSIEM agent had select log to database.



2022-03-25 14_05_44-FortiSIEM - root@2001-b030-2308-0006-020c-29ff-feaa-7b3f__usr_local_bin - Xshell.png



 (If you execute again,  FortiSIEM will display two database, and make your Analytics feature abnormal)

(this picture is normal situation)

2022-04-11 14_52_00-FortiSIEM.png

(Analytics feature abnormal) (Schematic)

2022-04-11 15_17_31-設定.png


p.s I had asked my Fortinet parnter  1 year ago when I use version 5.2, but it still can't solve this Issue.

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A Fader from Elden Ring
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Hello @techbeck ,
Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.

Hi @techbeck ,


How do you say two database gets configured ? Have you noticed any issue like that. Hit Refresh tab on the FSM Online Data Page.


To change IP address of Fortisiem super, ssh via root and run below commands:
# cd /usr/local/bin
- Select Timezone - No
- Select to configure supervisor
- Choose option "change-ip" and enter all the values. Run the script.

If issue still persists let me Fortisiem version , storage type and any error.

1) Take a snapshot of VM before making any changes.
2) System will be rebooted after you run the configFSM command


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