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Help on Fortigate Google Cloud Peer to peer tunnel

Hello everyone. Please forgive me. I am a noob when it comes to tunnels and fortigates and I've been tasked with building one out, so I could use any help I can get. 

Here is what I have-

Fortigate Cloud VM connecting to various tunnels of end clients. I have phase 1 up no problem, but phase 2 won't come up and I think it's routing or something. 

My encryption domains are external /32 ips and I have them mapped to two internal ips of load balancers in the environment. 


I can ping from the cli on the fortigate the load balancers, but traffic isn't going through from the tunnel. The routes look right, and all security and encryption info is correct. I don't see any blocked ports and I am allowing all once inside the vpcs. 


remote>tunnel on port 1 of fortigate>going to internal traffic on port 3>nat address mapped to internal load balancer.


Any and all help and advice is apprecia


Hi @raydietz,


Please collect IKE debugs to see why it is not coming up.




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