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HA Reserved Management Interface question

Hi All, 


           May i know the purpose of "HA Reserved Management Interface" ? if i use interface "mgmt" and set ip and gateway, what is the benfit on enabling this ? any help would be appreicated 





At least two merits:

1. That doesn't show up, or is separated from, user networks. It doesn't show up in the regular routing table.

2. Each unit in the HA cluster has unique IP address, which is excluded from from HA config sync. Like unit-A has .1 and unit-B has .2 while both share the same GW .254.



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so in this case its in HA, if i enable HA Reserved Management Interface, how i can assign it to the secondary unit ? 


Hey piaakit,

you can either make the setting during initial configuration of HA (before the cluster is actually formed) and then the secondary will remain available on the reserved management interface.

If you already formed the cluster, you can do the setting via CLI:
1. Log into primary CLI
2. Run the command 'exe ha manage ?' to see the nodes and cluster member IDs
3. Run the command 'exe ha manage <ID>' to access the secondary's CLI
4. Provide admin credentials
5. Configure the reserved mgmt interface settings under 'config system ha'

You can find a more detailed guide here:

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Hi @piaakit1210,


The purpose of HA Reserved Management Interface is allowing you to access the secondary unit GUI. 




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