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Dear All, Would like to seek for your help, every time when i try reboot the fortigate VM, and it doesnt reach the VM fortigate IP, its can not ping, any idea ? port1 as lan with IP port2 as wan Keith
Dear All, I have installed VM FortiOS 7.4.2 on esxi, just wonder is trial is now permanent or only 15 days ? and if i want to add more than 3 static routers in this trial version, is that not possible ? any help would be appreicated Keith
Dear All, I have downloaded FAZ_VM64-v7.4.1-build2308-FORTINET.out.ovf from the portal, and when i deployed on esxi and powered on, and its ask to enter password, i though this password is ask for new password i will be using, but its look like not, ...
Dear All, I would like to know the different between these 3 vlan settings, which one is correct ? these vlan interfaces will be connecting to meraki switches with AP to use as 2 ssid with different vlans ip segment, in the other hand, do i need anot...
Dear All, I have a to fulfil the security policy on the fortigate of the following, just wonder what firewall policy i need to create in order to meet below security concern ? any help would be appreicated Ensure firewall policy denying all traffic t...
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