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Frequency of Disclaimer Only Page

I am trying out FortiWifi for my Organization. I am setting up a public guest SSID. I will need to have a disclaimer page setup that that guests will be redirected to when connecting. Is there a way to change how often a user is redirected to the Disclaimer Only Page? With our current wifi solution guest only get redirected to the disclaimer page every 30 days. Our current wifi system was setup this way because employee's complained about having to go through the disclaimer page every time they return to the office with their personal devices.



Generally is disclaimer showed for any new connection.

If you want to have a guest network with more frequent disclaimer provision, and do not want to display disclaimer too often for regular employees .. (if I got that correctly) .. then how about to split those two networks ?

Keep one set of  settings, network/SSID, for users/employees only.

And second, with different setup, for true guests.

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