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Fortinet SSL VPN Virtual Ethernet Adapter - Disabling

Ohio .o/


We have a fleet of ~100 users whom access our services over an SSL VPN. All runs smoothly 98% of the time ( ...  ).


Occasionally, we have users unable to connect. Always at the most opportune times (i.e. when they're on the other side of the country). More often than not, the reason a user cannot connect is due to their neglect - ensuring certificates and access is up-to-date/approved/etc ... Alas, there has been quite a few re-occurrences of the "Fortinet SSL VPN Virtual Ethernet Adapter", under 'Device Managers -> Network Adapaters', disabling itself.


Users get to 98% and it drops. To fix, it's a simple re-enable the adapter and everything works once again. But I'm unsure why it's happening in the first place. The savviness of majority of our users - proves that even 5 clicks to fix is difficult    


I've attempted to attach a screenshot of the disabled adapter in Device Manger - hopefully it comes through.


We're running FortiClient 6.0.9 (64bit version).


I have spent some time googling up the predicament, but only finding old information (WAN Mini Port related), which I believe is still relevant/related, just not accurate/valid anymore.


Could anyone provide some pointers?   Better yet, advice how to stop it disabling the adapter 



Thanks in advance,




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I got exactly the same problem. Were you able to resolve this?

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We are experiencing the same issue. Is there a resolution?

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i´m facing exactly the same.... and close to lose my faith in this.

Any good ideas ?


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