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Fortigate Vulnerability - Backup Files Disclosure

I have Fortigate firewall 80F in production with latest firmware. We executed vulnerability scan on this firewall and found the following vulnerability.


Backup Files Disclosure

By appending various suffixes (ie: .old, .bak, ~, etc...) to the names of various files on the remote host, it seems possible to retrieve their contents, which may result in disclosure of sensitive information.
Ensure the files do not contain any sensitive information, such as credentials to connect to a database, and delete or protect those files that should not be accessible.


It is possible to read the following backup file :

- File : /.htaccess~
URL : https://x.x.x.y/.htaccess~


I am unable to get any page if I access the URL: https://x.x.x.y/.htaccess~


Please advise.

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Strange, the only file-based access I am aware of is sys_config which indeed allows to download the whole configuration, but via SCP.  I am getting error 404 on trying https to such URL. 


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Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
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