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Fortigate VM can not ping to vlan ip

Hi guys, i am a networking beginer.

i installed fortigate vm (license imported) on my esxi 7 evironment.

i enabled Muti VDOM and configured port2's interfaces like below:

 port2:vdom root:Physical Interface:

    port2:vdom vdom-01:vlan 101 :

From window virtual machine , i can ping to

i did configured vSwitch tag 101 but can not ping to 

Can you give me some advices ?





Hi Team,


When you are pinging to, can you take the sniffer in firewall by executing the below commands:

diag sniffer packet any 'host and icmp' 4 0 a

Then try to ping from the machine and kindly share us logs

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Thank you for your reply !


>diag sniffer packet any 'host and icmp' 4 0 a

i executed this command but seem like icmp packets can not be reached.

i have not set any static routing yet ,because i think it is about L2 traffic.

my goal is testing some fortigate functions privately, so only vSwitch portgroup is using. 




Seems like traffic is not reahcing the firewall, it will be better if you can check in the internal network if something is blocking or re routing it to some other device

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Thank you.

I have not configured any routing yet. I will try to route to other virtual switch  instead of vmware vSwitch only !

At this time , only one vmware standard vSwitch and one portgroup being used.fortigate vm 's port2 and window virtual machine 's nic is on this portgroup.

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